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Toro Insurance Testimonial 7

Cristina Firestone and the Toro Bulls !

Cristina Firestone and the Toro Bulls !  Toro Insurance providing the best service and pricing in the Las Vegas Valley !   Eres Toro ? >

Toro Insurance Testimonial 6

Toro Insurance Testimonial 5

Toro Insurance Bull Greets Happy Customer !

The Toro Insurance Bull greets another happy customer ! Thank you Tadaryl Williams for choosing Toro Insurance !

Toro Insurance YouTube Channel

Toro Insurance has added an official Youtube channel for all of our videos !  Here  you can find videos from our valued customers letting you know about the great customer service that Toro Insurance is famous for. We have also included videos sharing tips about insurance coverage , and other frequently asked questions. The  videos were shot in Las Vegas by Telemundo  featuring  Toro Insurance agent Cristina Firestone .    

Making the Toro Insurance Commercials with Telemundo

A lot of hard work goes into making a commercial. Here we are at the studio with Cristina Firestone working with the green screen and going over the script. We are working on two main commercials , one is focused on Auto and vehicle insurance and the other is about how important Life insurance is to your family.

Toro Insurance at Broadacres in Las Vegas

Toro Insurance Agent Cristina Firestone and the loveable Toro bull teamed up to at Broadacres Market place and Event center recently in Las Vegas. The two were there to help locals learn about Toro Insurance and get the coverage they need!

Toro Insurance Testimonial 4

Evelyn Reed of Las Vegas Nevada is another happy Toro Insurance customer ! Thank you Evelyn , we appreciate your business !

Toro Insurance Testimonial 3

Toro Insurance Testimonial 3